Sumlang Lake ; Photo with Magayon

Bicol Tourist Spot-Sumlang Lake is one of the emerging tourist destination in Camalig, Albay. It is a perfect place for family gathering, Balsa riding, Kayaking and most especially for picture taking. The superb view of Mount Mayon makes this a perfect place for digital photography. You will absolutely treasure every moment in this place.


Since last year, the local government exerts their effort to fully develop the said place. More services have been added like the Bamboo raft, pedal boat riding, and kayaking. It is also last year when the local government starts to ask 10.00 pesos as entrance fee.


Sumlang Lake

What to Expect:

  •  Balsa Riding- This is the first and the famous thing that you need to experience with the lake. There were Balsa that is being rented and used to travel in the vicinity. You will just need to ride in it and enjoy the beautiful view of the place with Mount Mayon as background. It has several destination/place for picture taking and you can also ask the balsa driver to take a picture of you.
  • Kayaking– You can also ride in a kayak if you are not afraid of it. The minimal fee of 50 pesos for every 30 minutes rides makes it more enjoyable to try.


  • Pedal Boat Riding– Apparently there is Pedal boat the can also be used in the lake. It is a kind of boat for 6 people wherein it has “Pedal”  used for the boat movement.


  • Beautiful scene. It offers an astonishing view that can be used in picture taking. It’s very nice and enjoyable to have this picture with your friends, family, and love ones.
  •             Free Cottage. You can also see free cottages near the lake. It is used to relax while enjoying the place.

Minimal  Expenses……

  • Entrance Fee – 10.00
  • Balsa riding- Just give some amount to the driver of Balsa
  • Kayaking- 50 pesos /30 minutes
  • Pedal Boat- 100 pesos
  • Bamboo raft-Free may vary depending on how long you will rent it.

Updates: All of the fees stated in this blog post already change. I can just say that there are huge changes in fee since there are huge improvement in the said tourist spot.

My experience

It was 2015 when I first visited Sumlang Lake. It’s not yet fully develop wherein the lake looks like a very simple lake with some bamboo chair beside it. Don’t have any attraction aside from Balsa riding,  doesn’t have this entrance fee and the pathway is not even concrete. It may attract more tourist and generate more income to the local government.

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