Facts About Solar Battery-Sealed,Flooded,Gel & Lithium

Do you have a Solar Power Setup? How many panels do you have? Size of your battery? Maybe you think that you have enough power to run your household device, but you may think it wrong.


Solar Battery

There are so many types of battery for solar use. Ranging from the conventional Lead acid battery to the new lithium. Every type of this has its own characteristics and can only be used based on the expertise of the user.


  • Lead Acid Battery

This type of battery is widely used a couple of years ago. Commonly seen among old solar setup in this country. Can easily be setup with just the use of simple parts.


  1.              Sealed
  2.              Flooded
  3.              Gel
Flooded Battery
Flooded Battery


  • This type of battery should have 50% DOD( Depth of Discharge). For example a 12v 100 ah battery has 1.2 Kw of power. With the use of 50%DOD, you can only use the 50% of power of the battery which means that it’s safe to only use 600 watts of power. Draining the battery energy will shorten its life or may destroy it permanently.


  • Flooded battery should be store outside the house or in any place that has a proper ventilation , it emits harmful gases that are harmful into our health. Gel & sealed are exemption , they can be stored inside a house since it doesn’t emit any harmful gas.


  • Every Battery has the maximum rated amperage for charging and discharging.(e.g. In 10AH battery, the maximum charging current is 2.2amps, it means that you cannot charge it with 50 watts panel since this panel has 2.5 amps output.


  • Lithium Ion Battery


Lithium ions is the new generation battery used for solar. It has 80% DOD which means that you can drained it up to 20% state of charge. It can be seen in different modern devices ranging from cellphone battery, laptop battery,power

banks and drill battery. Most of the common devices today used lithium as a source of power.

18650 battery
18650 battery


The commonly used type of lithium is the Lithium ion 18650 battery. It has 3.7 volts nominal and 4.2 V full charge.It is also used by Tesla in their E-Car and Powerwall.

In Philippines, many DIY’ers used this battery to create powerwall.

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