Real Capacity Of Li-Ion 18650 Battery Made From China

A few years ago I decided to go solar and try different batteries for the experimental purposes. First, I try the conventional Lead Acid battery and it worked well, but I soon recognized that there are other types of batteries that may perform much better as compared to the old one.


I came up with a lithium battery that can be seen in most of all electronic device that needs power. Cellphone, laptop, cordless drill, Portable device and many more, it used the same type of battery. When I got the idea, I start searching online since I cannot see/buy it in a local store I visit. Then searches continue,  I got one from China that says it has 5800mah of capacity. As a surprise, I immediately buy a small number of it to have a capacity test.

This video gives me the real capacity of that battery from China.



  1. There are no 18650 Lithium batteries that have a capacity of 5800+ mAh
  2. Only 3000+ mAh is the highest Lithium-ion capacity are available in the market today.
  3. It’s also dangerous to use it in powerwall since it is more prone to accident
  4. Laptop battery is the best choice if you want to make a DIY project. If budget is available, try to buy brand new batteries



Loreto Llosala

Loreto Llosala is a teacher by profession but chooses to become an online freelancer that focuses on the different administrative job. Currently doing DIY projects related to solar & Internet connectivity. Writing is his past time and he loves to share it with everyone.

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