How to Earn Money with YouTube -$$$$

Earn money with youtube can be done through different step/process. One of the most common ways is to integrate your youtube channel to your Google Adsense account.

Thing needed :

  • Youtube Channel with unique video content.

It should have at least 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hour within a year.

  1. Create/Setup your youtube channel.
  2. Upload unique content.
  3. Have enough audience, possible to market your channel on social media or any platform to get enough viewer.
  4. Acquire 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscriber
  5. Enable Monetization
  6. Once you get enough to watch hours and subscriber, you will now eligible to be a youtube partner.
  7. Setup your Google Adsense Account
  8. Earn Money through Ads.
Create Content
Create Your Unique Content to Attract viewers 
  • Create Sponsored Content

Yes, you can earn money through sponsorship. It is done if you will create a video content in favor of a certain company or products. They will pay you in accordance with the video created.

Example: One company contact you to create a video with their new model of cellphone. Once you create a content about it, they will pay you automatically.


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