Create a DIY Laptop Charger for 250 Pesos in 5 Minutes!Easy

A charger is a crucial part of any electronic device. It’s a major component of a system and responsible for its life/usefulness. A cost ranges from Php. 100 to a few thousand pesos, depending on the device and the rated wattage it has.

Mobile Charger is cheap as compared to those chargers of other electronic devices. Let’s say, laptop-a charger for this device cost around 1K pesos and only works for 220 input voltage. Without the presence of the grid, this would be useless.

Boost Converter
Boost Converter

How to DIY a Laptop Charger

Creating a laptop charger is easy and needs only a device called Boost Converter. The main function of this is to increase the voltage from the input to output. Any 12volts supply would be useful and can be used as a power/charger for your laptop.

Equipment Needed

  • Laptop Chord& Pin
  • Boost Converter
  • Allegator Clip
  • Extra Wire
  • 12V Power Suppy

The good thing about this charger is that it can be used in almost all type of laptop, any brand/manufacturer. The thing that needs to do is to change the output voltage parameter of the boost converter itself. By changing this, the voltage just needs to cope up with the desired voltage for your device.

A downside of this charger is that it can only be used with DC power supply like the Car Battery, Car cigarette socket,powerwall, solar battery or any other DC supply. This device is very much useful for those people who don’t have the grid connection or those who live on an island with solar as a source of power.

Here are the full video on how to DIY a Laptop Charger

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