How Preserve Internet Data For Longer Browsing

Are you always online and updated with your social media account? Do you always watch a video on youtube or download music on the internet? This routine is very usual for each of us and I am very sure of that. One thing that I am also sure of is that you, the internet user always complain about the data usage. Such word as “Kinain naman load ko” or “Madalion man maubos load”


How to longer internet data?

Internet data use are measured in Download and Upload value. It means that this data is used not only by searching, downloading or watching videos but it can also be used by uploading content. To save internet data, following this simple recommendation will help a lot.

  • Watch video only if it is needed – videos use excessive internet data, a 1gb data allowance is only equivalent to 1 hour and 30 minutes of watching a video. It only means that your Gosurf50, for example, will only last for 1 hour and 30minutes.
  • Disable phone auto updates – It is mostly needed especially if you have limited data, auto updates will consume a lot of data since every application will auto-updates itself.
  • Don’t use windows 10 0perating System – many of us don’t know that Windows 10 has a feature wherein it auto updates every time it is connected to the internet.
  • Minimize uploading large files 
  • Minimize downloading a useless application

Application/website that is a heavy user of the internet. 

  1. Youtube
  2. Facebook
  3. Background Apps (Skype,Viber,etc.)

Use the internet wisely for it to last long. Be aware of the application that you uses, the internet data that it use and the usefulness of it.

Loreto Llosala

Loreto Llosala is a teacher by profession but chooses to become an online freelancer that focuses on the different administrative job. Currently doing DIY projects related to solar & Internet connectivity. Writing is his past time and he loves to share it with everyone.

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