Create Your Own External Card Reader from Old Desktop Parts

I have this broken desktop computer that was useless for quite some time. So I came up to this idea that I will use it again and make a portable external USB device, a external card reader.

This USB device is much faster as compared to those that are available on the market today. Little modification is needed and it’s good to go.

External Card Reader
External Card Reader

Things Needed

  • Old desktop part-probably Internal USB Port.
  • Old cellphone charger chord- we will only use the USB socket.
  • Soldering Gun & lead.

Watch the full video for the process:

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Loreto Llosala

Loreto Llosala is a teacher by profession but chooses to become an online freelancer that focuses on the different administrative job. Currently doing DIY projects related to solar & Internet connectivity. Writing is his past time and he loves to share it with everyone.

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