Bootable USB : How To Create with Command Prompt & Third Party Software

A computer needs Windows for it to be useful. The conventional way of how to install it is using the DVD drive for Windows 10,8,7 or CD drive for Windows XP or 2000. The main question is that “how we can install this when we don’t have the DVD or CD drive built in our PC or Laptop?.The answer to this is bootable USB. It can be created through the use of Command Prompt or Third party Sofware.


Create Bootable USB with CMD

Creating Bootable USB with command prompt is very easy. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Search for CMDand run it as ADMINISTRATOR
  2. Type DISKPART
  3. After that type LIST DISK, It will give you the available disk, commonly it shows the hard disk, Flash Drive, External Hard Drive
  4. Type Select DISK # . Choose the disk that you want to make bootable ( e.g Select Disk 1)
  5. Type Clean
  6. Type Create Partition Primary
  7. Type  Select Partition 1
  8. Type Format FS=NTFS quick( quick can be removed but it takes time to format)
  9. Type Exit ,after that you can now copy the Windows File


Create Bootable USB with Third Party Software

Rufus Third Party Software
Rufus Third Party Software

Creating Bootable USB with Third Party Software is much easier as compared to the command prompt. Open the Software and choose the your USB and locate your Windows ISO File.


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