Beware of This Power bank- Find Out Why?

Power Bank is a device that is used as a backup power supply in case that the mobile phone battery gets drained. Many types of this power bank are now available in the market, they have different capacities as well as prices.

My experience with this power bank is not as good as other. I bought a power bank that has a huge capacity for a very low price. I thought that it will be more useful since the capacity is huge and its price is low. The problem is that I got scammed!!!

It is low quality and the most disgusting part is that it has a battery made up of Sand. Yes, you heard it right, three of the four battery are fake and not even holding a charge. It is useless and just gives weight to the power bank, for it to look like an original.

In this video below, you will see what this power bank is made of and how it fooled me.

Loreto Llosala

Loreto Llosala is a teacher by profession but chooses to become an online freelancer that focuses on the different administrative job. Currently doing DIY projects related to solar & Internet connectivity. Writing is his past time and he loves to share it with everyone.

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