5 Common Misunderstanding About Cellphone Battery

Each one of cellphone users has its own belief on how to take care of their battery. How to prolong its lifespan, and what practices that make it more susceptible to damage.

Here is the common mistake/misunderstanding you know about cellphone battery and the truth about it.

1. A new smartphone battery should be charged up to 4 hours before using it.

In buying a new Laptop/smartphone battery, every agent/seller tells you that it should be charged for four(4) long hours before using it. This was common every time you buy a new gadget like a mobile phone.

This is absolutely not true, a phone uses a battery called lithium(same battery chemistry in almost all devices like laptop,Bluetooth device,earpods.etc). When the battery gets full in 1 hour, there’s no need to wait for another 3 hours before removing it on the charging station. In fact, you can use it immediately after you buy it.

2.It’s bad for the battery/phone to use while it’s charging.

Many people believe that phones shouldn’t be used when it is charging. They may say that it’s bad for the phone or it may damage the battery.

In fact, a phone can be used whether you are charging it, it will not damage the phone nor your battery. It will still charge but on a lower phase since the other power will be used when it’s open.

It’s the same principle used in laptop, a laptop can be used whether it is charging.(for DIY laptop Charger click here)

Whether you charge it or not,it will still use power since some of the applications still runs whether it’s asleep.

3. Let your phone battery drain before charging it.   

It’s the worst practice that a phone user can do with regards to charging the device. Since it uses lithium, the phone should be charged immediately when it reaches 30%. It will drastically damage your battery if it let it drain and make your phone shut down.

                          Observed that when a phone gets 20%, the battery indicator turns reds, it signal that it should be charged immediately.

4.Unbranded smartphone charger is bad for the battery

Maybe Some unbranded chargers don’t have the optimal charging capability but it will not do any harm to your phone. As long as it is working properly then its good to go.

With regards to those fast charger, this only work to those phone with fast charging feature. When this charger is used to the non-supportive device, the charging time will still be the same.

5. Overnight Charging will shorten the life of a battery

A smartphone will eventually stop charging ones it is full. Its called a “smartphone” for a reason. This practice will never destroy your battery nor your device.

One important thing to do is to charge your phone once it gets 40%, letting your phone shutdown or gets Low-bat will eventually destroy your battery.

Loreto Llosala

Loreto Llosala is a teacher by profession but chooses to become an online freelancer that focuses on the different administrative job. Currently doing DIY projects related to solar & Internet connectivity. Writing is his past time and he loves to share it with everyone.

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