Atlaza Resort- Hidden Tourist Destination in Burias Island

Atlaza Beach Resort is one of the few tourist destinations that can be found on the island of Burias, Masbate. Since this place mostly offers Island Hopping, there are only less than 5 beaches that are available on the whole island. Atlaza is situated in the municipality of San Pascual and can be reached in less than 30 minutes of a motorcycle rides from the municipality proper.

Roads to get there are not fully concrete but passable for all kinds of vehicle. Just be prepared for a bumpy ride when you decide to discover it.


There are a variety of cottages that are available, the standard cottage is OK and can accommodate more than 10 people I think.

Here is the standard cottage in the resort. Can give a perfect view of the ocean as well

There is also a room that can be rented by the tourist. If you want to be more comfortable, you can choose this one.


When it comes to the beach view and its scenery, I can say that it’s on the average level. Sand is not white nor fine but it has beauty and a perfect place to relax or swim, sunset view is amazing as well.


There are plenty of activity that can be done in here,

  • Bonfire-

in case you want a bonfire, they allow tourist to make one.

    Just put woods and start making your own bonfire.
  • Videoke bar

The good thing is this resort has Videoke Bar.  If you love singing you can rent the machine for 100 pesos an hour. Just make sure that you have the great voice since other tourists may kick you out or get angry with you,,,  🙂 I never try to sing in there since I don’t want to get in trouble.(lol)

  • Souvenir

They have a souvenir shop, in case you want to purchase native products from the island.

  • Any Party ( wedding, conference, etc. )


Solar Powered Cottages

Atlaza also uses solar energy to have power. As I take pictures, I saw solar panel and battery in one of the cottages. According to what I know, Grid power is only available from 8 am to 12 midnight. There are 8 hours of no electricity, then the resort needs

to use other sources to power the whole business.

Solar Panel in one of the cottage Roof
Battery and Controller-Solar
Battery and Controller-Solar


Let’s Take a look!!!!!


My ninang’s Daughter taking a picture with her friend.



I want to be a fisherman. Mahal na kasi ang Isda,,,

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