Albay Tourist Spot : Busay Falls- The Seven Cascading Falls

Busay falls is one of the famous tourist destinations in Albay, which is specifically located at Sta.Teresa Malilipot ,Albay around 20 km north of Legazpi or 5 km from tobacco proper. It is easily accessible by private or public transport. It’s just 40 minutes ride via jeepney from Legazpi city proper. From the main road, it is another 10-minute ride through tricycle.

Busay is one of the multi-tiered waterfalls or a series of small waterfalls over steep rocks. It provides an astonishing view from the 1st falls up to its 7th falls.  But when extreme heat strikes the land,   some of the falls become drought

Busay Falls
Busay Falls

Trip to the waterfalls

It was a vacation when I heard about these multi-tiered waterfalls which mean that it has other waterfalls aside from the main falls.

Since I am an adventurous person and want to see new things, my friend and I planned to visit the said place. I use my motorcycle instead of riding a public transport. If there’s just two of you in your trip, a motorcycle is one wise travel transport.

We arrived at this simple yet fascinating falls at 7 AM. People who took care and maintain cleanliness at the area politely approached us.  A ten peso (P 10) entrance fee is required.


Bring your food!!

Expect the unexpected on your every trip.  Unlike other places or destinations you’ve been, you could not find any food vendors in the area of Busay falls. Maybe it’s due the reason that it’s still being developed or maybe providing cleanliness is strongly implemented there.  Unfortunately, we’re not prepared for that fact.  That’s why we just filled our stomach with the freshness of the place.

Since we’re early, there were only a few people in the place, that’s why we have solemn opportunity to truly see the beauty of the falls, the clearness of the water, serenity of the place and the awesome beauty of nature.  It’s really terrific and candid experience.

The water coming from the falls echoes throughout here and there. We take a picture as usual (lol). After 30 minutes we decided to climb at the second falls, we again approached the locals who manage the place and unfortunately, there’s no available tour guide so we choose to explore the place without asking for any help.

We are really amazed of the second falls up to the fourth falls. It gives astonishing view and experience as a traveler. All of the efforts on going in there were not wasted. What it gave was satisfaction.

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